Pin Perfect in 4 Weeks

30 days to embed your perfect pinning routine 

A self-study course for business owners who want to get more clicks from Pinterest

Have you been thinking about getting going with Pinterest but you're lacking the knowledge, motivation or ideas to get started?

Perhaps you've heard how powerful Pinterest can be for driving traffic to your website and you want to start attracting your dream customers and clients to yours.

You might have tried pinning a little already but you’re not sure what works on the platform, and it's just fizzled out.

I know how much of a faff researching changes to best practices can be when you have other things you need to do in your business. 

You don't want to be wasting time doing the wrong thing. 

The fact is that Pinterest has changed recently - a lot! And it's still changing

I love to spend my time attending Pinterest webinars, reading their developer reports and collaborating with other Pinterest experts to keep my knowledge fresh and current. 

You can be confident that you will receive the best, most up-to-date advice during this course and in any future updates.

Your Personalised Pinning Formula

By taking part in this 4-week course you'll have answers to all of your questions...

How to design your pins for more clicks

How often you should pin

If you can you repeat your pins (and how often)

How many pins per day to post

The magic words you need in your pins

How many boards you need

If you should be repinning other people's pins


You'll come away with a simple repeatable pinning routine suited to your business that easily slips into your existing schedule every couple of weeks. 

Your Pin Perfect Routine is designed to help you grow your business on Pinterest - resulting in more eyes on your pins and more clicks to your website.

Natalie Murray
Brand Designer

Pin Perfect is an incredible programme! It's got so much value – way more than I anticipated and it's given me the confidence to use Pinterest with intention! If you're thinking of using Pinterest for your business I definitely recommend Faye's course!

What's included?
WEEK 1 - Optimising your profile

Optimising your profile

Pinterest keywords & SEO

Optimising your bio

Tidy up your boards

WEEK 2 - Start pinning

Pick your pinning strategy

Schedule your first pins

WEEK 3 - Boosting your strategy with Idea Pins

What are Idea Pins?

Idea Pin strategy
Idea Pin tech tips
Time to pin!
WEEK 4 - Pin design

Make your pins extra clickable

The anatomy of a pin

Using seasonal keywords

Video pins


  • Bank of editable pin graphics templates to get you pinning quickly and easily
  • Pinning checklist to help you cover the all-important bits when you pin
  • Idea Pin inspiration - ideas to help you make the most of this new pin format
  • Seasonal keyword planner to help you plan your content and tap into trends for the year ahead
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics so you can track your performance
  • Easy repurposing from Instagram to Pinterest helping you to save time and reuse your existing content
  • Calls to Action list so you can include a variety of engaging calls to action on your pins
  • Engaging & action-taking words for your pins to get more people clicking

£297 or 3x £99

Easily integrate Pinterest into your existing routine

You'll leave the course knowing how to easily batch create & schedule evergreen pins every 2 weeks without the need to pay for a 3rd party scheduler

By the end of the course you’ll be feeling fully in control and confident about how to use Pinterest for your business

What to expect when you purchase this course

  • Once you have purchased and secured your place you will receive a welcome email to confirm the next steps.

  • You will be invited into the Facebook Group to connect with others who have also purchased the course.

  • I have a suggested 4-week timeframe to help you take action during this course, but if you'd prefer to binge it or take it more slowly, that is absolutely fine and entirely your choice.

  • When I update this course with Pinterest best practices as the platform changes - you'll get access to the updates. Helping you to continue creating pins that will attract your ideal customer and get them clicking, long into the future.


This week is all about getting your profile optimised so your account can start ranking in search so you can get seen by the people who need your help, or your products.


This is when you'll start pinning! I'll share two simple pinning strategies, all you need to do is follow the one that is most relevant to your business. I'll also be sharing my top time-saving tips for scheduling your content in advance.


This week we will be focussing on Idea Pins! I'll share everything you need to know about how to create Idea Pins that get seen by 1000s of people, quickly!


In the final week, I'll be showing you how to make your pins extra clickable! This is the secret sauce to Pinterest success. We'll cover everything from Pin layout to the words you can use to catch people's attention.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having any technical problems with Pinterest I will do my best to advise and direct you to either the Pinterest Help Centre or a Web Developer, but I can not fix it for you.

Pin Perfect in 4 Weeks

4-week course to help you implement as you learn

All the templates you need to optimise your account

Dedicated Facebook group for extra support 

Lifetime access to all materials plus updates 


Bank of editable pin templates 

Pinning checklist 

Idea pin ideas 

Seasonal keyword planner 

Easy repurposing from Instagram to Pinterest 

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Calls to Action list

Engaging & action-taking words for your pins

£297 or 3x £99


  • I'm brand new to Pinterest, is this right for me?
    This course is perfect for you if you want to make a solid start on the platform and don’t want to spend your time researching and guessing if you’re doing it right.
  • I've been on Pinterest a while now but I'm not seeing results, will this help me?
    If you're using outdated practices (pre-2021) or you're just pinning and hoping for the best then yes, this course will help you. If you feel like you're doing all the right things but your account is stuck for a technical reason, then you may need help from the Pinterest support team, and not me.
  • I’m a product-based business, is this course a good fit for me?
    Yes absolutely, Pinterest is investing lots of technology into making the platform as shoppable as possible. All of the modules in this course will also apply to product-based businesses, including templates.
  • How long will it be before I start seeing a difference in traffic to my website?
    Pinterest is a slow burn and it can take between 3-6 months before you start seeing any significant change on your website. I will teach you how to start using Idea Pins to help you start getting more views of your content on Pinterest, but this is more for in-app engagement and not for driving traffic.
  • What differences to my Pinterest account can I expect to see as a result of the course?
    With a committed approach to optimising your profile and implementing a strategic pinning routine, you can expect to see your pins start ranking in search - with an increase in your content views and clicks to your website. Please remember due to the nature of Pinterest, these results may take some time to achieve.


11 actionable modules

Pinterest templates 

Facebook Group

Bonus content

Access to materials and updates once the course has finished

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